Takashi Murakami Is Tired, Possibly Dying, Definitely Exaggerating

09/15/2009 1:46 PM |

Takashi Murakami

The Japanese Pop artist Takashi Murakami (pictured), purveyor of fancy Pharrell co-designed sculptures, Kanye album covers and music videos, and Louis Vuitton products of various sorts, claims that the life of an art star is killing him. In a fascinating London Times profile, 47 year-old Murakami — who opened a show at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris today and will be in New York on Thursday to open a show at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea — explains how he sleeps in two or three hour chunks, and claims that the current pace of the art market is killing him:

“I want to keep on creating but my fear is, how long can I continue? I’ve survived for ten years, but I’m not sure I can survive the next ten years. My generation is the geek generation and many are dead before the age of 50 through addictions [alcohol, overwork]. I feel like an old man. My inspiration is shrinking, my concentration is not good. I am tired.”

It’s an interesting piece on an artist whose work is often, unjustly, misconstrued as puerile commercialism, and how the art market can both fuel and sap the same creator’s creative energy.