The Blueprint 3: Sadly, the Reviews Are In… Long Before They Could Possibly Be Meaningful

09/01/2009 5:10 PM |


I ain’t gonna lie: there’s a bit of Blueprint 3 fever going around L Magazine headquarters right now. I jumped on the leak yesterday afternoon the same way everyone else did, and now I’m listening to it over and over again so that in the not too distant future I can form, and maybe even share, an opinion of it that I will be happy to stand by for all of eternity. I’m doing this because it is my job and I believe it is important.

And I am happy to report that Urban Daily writer Casey Gane-McCalla feels exactly the same way. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have taken a whole 18 hours to decide the record was deserving of not a 6.3 or a 6.5, but exactly a 6.4, right? And this dude from the Taunton Gazette (no idea), who has already come to the conclusion that The Blueprint 3 is either the “third- or fourth-best” Jay-Z album? He is right there with me as well.

Don’t worry, you guys: The record will still exist tomorrow, sitting right there on your computer where you left it. Probably the next day, too, and maybe even for a few weeks after that. If you wait until then to figure out what you think of it, no one who matters even a little bit will think any less of you.

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