The Blueprint 3 That Wasn’t Meant To Be

09/21/2009 9:04 AM |

The Blueprint 3 Outtakes

In my review of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, I mentioned some similarities between this newest record and The Black Album, and now the two albums seem poised to have another thing in common: remix albums. As you’ll recall, there were about a million Black Album remixes, most notably Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, and the Weezer-Jigga mash-up The Black and Blue Album.

Now, Alex Goose, an Atlanta-based producer and designer, has released a set of songs that he submitted after being approached by a Roc-affiliated A&R looking for beats for Blueprint 3. None of these were picked, and in some cases you tell why, but elsewhere it’s kind of awesome to imagine how Jigga might have sounded on Goose’s beats. You can download all of the Blueprint 3 Outtakes here. (BOOOOOOOM!)