The White House Farmers Market Starts Tomorrow

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09/16/2009 1:47 PM |

From 3pm-7pm tomorrow, and every Thursday through the end of October, the Chesapeake Bay region nonprofit Fresh Farm Markets will hold a farmer’s market a few blocks from the White House—after First Chef Sam Kass, who also oversees the First Vegetable Garden, showed up to back Fresh Farm’s permit application. (The president had also previously suggested he’d love a farmer’s market nearby, because all that stuff about the Obamas being arugula-munching, Blue Hill-dining progressive foodies is delightfully true, even if all your other liberal/paranoid [delete to suit] fantasies about a liberal president are mostly not.)

Yet one question remains: is the First Refrigerator running low on anything, and does the First Lady plan to rectify this situation by attending the First Farmers Market, thus Drawing Attention to the Cause and inspiring all of us to slower, more local food? Will Michelle Obama save the American food system through the sheer fierceness of her outfits? We can only hope, and wait, and dawdle over the tomatoes, checking for spots and squeezing for firmness, for several hours, in hopes of catching a glimpse of a smart autumn jacket surrounded by a Secret Service detail.