“Well, I was going to have sex with you while my roommate tries to get some sleep, but since it’s against the rules…”

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09/29/2009 4:52 PM |


The Times reports: An adjustment to the Tufts University office of residential life’s guest policy now stipulates that students are now “prohibit[ed from engaging in] any sex act in a dorm room while one’s roommate is present”, though presumably if all parties are “totally into” the voyeur thing then the rule may be disregarded.

Certain people who were my roommate freshman year are advised to note that a) handjobs presumably fall under the category of “any sex act”, and b) “appears to be asleep” presumably falls under the category of “present”.

Having sex on your roommate’s bed when your roommate is not around, and then accidentally revealing as much to them about during a particularly heated Never Have I Ever game three semesters later, however, is still allowed. The L has also learned that certain members of the Tufts RLO are pushing to amend the regulation, designating the bathroom as a special “self-love free-fire zone”, provided that the door is kept shut and, if the bathroom shares a wall with the bedroom, the faucet is kept running.

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  • Wow. College has totally changed. Sounds like it sucks now. I bet they also changed the chug rule if you’re busted by an RA for drinking. The ole’ if you can chug it and toss it you’re not in trouble.