Williamsburg Tennis Nerds Want More Tennis Courts

09/18/2009 11:21 AM |

McCarren Tennis proposal

The would-be Roger Federers of North Williamsburg and Greenpoint have had it with the dismal state of the courts at North 12th Street and Bedford Avenue (you know, the most recent venue for The L‘s outdoor movie series Summerscreen), and have drafted a proposal to get the whole lot, concrete softball field included, turned into a tennis center to rival the one in Prospect Park that would eventually resemble the rendering at right. The group of enterprising regulars, dubbed McCarren Tennis, would have the design unfold in four phases, and have already enlisted the support of the Open Space Alliance. (CORRECTION: The OSA supports the resurfacing of the existing courts, and not necessarily the larger expansion project.)

To help raise funds for and awareness of the project, McCarren Tennis will be holding the first annual Williamsburg Open on the weekend of October 11. Personally I’m worried about what will happen to Summerscreen, but the bigger problem is how the groups who use the cement softball field are going to react to the prospect of losing their space. Will this set off a class-coded neighborhood feud, or will we all bury the hatchet and pick up a racquet? (Brownstoner)