You Say Potato, I Say Fuck the Idaho Wolf Killers

09/03/2009 8:44 AM |

Way back in the dark ages, the Bush administration lifted the endangered species protection that had been put on Grey Wolves in the continental U.S. Distressingly, the Obama administration has failed to reinstate it, despite there being only 1,640 wolves in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. That’s not a lot of wolves (one for every 200 square miles, to be exact) so please don’t talk to me about brave homesteaders defending their property (besides which, it’s always been legal for someone to defend his or her livestock from prey). Hell, I’ll let Ashley Judd explain why it’s so shitty:

Now, Idaho has said that hunters can kill up to 220 wolves (nearly 25% of the state’s total! WTF?). Hunting season opened yesterday, and the Idaho Statesman has already reported two wolves killed (one of which was lured by a coyote call).

Several animal-rights and pro-wilderness groups have been calling for a boycott of Idaho potatoes, which account for some 1/3 of the potatoes grown in this country. To be really effective though, you’ll have to boycott fries at all fast food places, the biggest destination for Idaho’s spuds.

You can head over to Defenders of Wildlife to sign a letter to Obama asking him to reinstate Endangered Species status… And don’t forget to boycott Idaho beef, and whatever else comes out of that benighted state. (You can share your ire directly with potato officials at,

And feel free to contact “Butch” Otter, the enlightened governor of Idaho who had this to say on the subject, after buying one of the 70,000 wolf death tags sold in the state: “You can still hate them and respect their cunning and their place in nature.” WHO SERIOUSLY HATES WOLVES?! This is 21st-century America, not 15th-century Romania.

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  • You are yet another uninformed person lumping all wolves into one category.

    Did you know that The Canis Lupus Occidentalis (Canadian Grey Wolf) is NOT the same as Canis Lupus Irremotus (Northern Rocky Mtn Wolf)? The former is the wolf subspecies introduced, the latter is the wolf subspecies that used to be here.

    How can you “reintroduced” a much bigger, more aggressive species (re:different) that was never here in the first place?

    That is the problem. Not that wolves are here (I AM pro wolf), but they are the wrong wolf. Read this article about the sheep slaughter in western Montana (you did know that Montana has a wolf season too? – What are you going to boycott from there?):…

    northern Idaho

  • My goodness, Ms. Taylor, did we just get finished watching “Bambi” or were we diligently reading facts and un-biased truth straight from the golden pages of the New York Times? We all know there’s about as much truth in one as there is in the other because they employ a full staff of Jayson Blairs. Be responsible and stop spouting off about something you know nothing about. The point here is simple. Perhaps we should leave the management policies to the agencies that have to deal with the issues firsthand (Idaho Department of Fish & Game) instead of listening to people like you who have probably never even set foot in Idaho, much less know anything at all about what is actually going on. You’re disgusting. The trash you’ve written here does little more than expose you for the mindless little extremist that you are. By the way, clean up that dirthole that you’re living in called New York and then maybe we can talk about how “broken” Idaho is.

  • According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Idaho

  • Once again here’s another person who has no clue to the real problem. These wolfs are destroying the elk and deer, which I hunt to feel my family. I don’t hunt for sport but for meat. You say there are 1,640 wolves in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Where did these facts come from, a bean counter in a office somewhere?
    I would bet there’s that many in north Idaho alone.

    It sadden me when someone post this type of information without first hand knowledge of the subject

    Ashley Judd, I wonder how much she was paid to do the commercial on boob-tube?

    Amanda, please don’t come to north Idaho. you would not be welcome here, you should use your time and energy to help get Obama out of office before he does more life threatening damage to the United States.Your tags include Idaho sucks, when you have never been to this beautiful part of the country.

    Learn how to post without the foul language it just show you age. I’m sure most of your post was cut and paste. Only a few were your own words (the foul words).


  • Awe what a cute attempt at beinga a journalist….

    For those interested in everything about hunting wolves in Idaho

  • yeah! let’s get those wolves before they get our food, because they don’t need to eat, right? top of the food chain!!!

  • Absolutely a fantastic idea; we’ll let Ashley Judd determine what’s best for Idaho’s wildlife and what policies should be set in managing it. I hear she’s an exceptional wildlife biologist. Why don’t we let Hollywood run the entire country; Arnie’s having a bit of a rough go at it in California, but hey, don’t let that bother you because they really do know what they’re doing in Hollywood. You’re a bit off the mark on your 70,000 “wolf death tags”, too. The 12,000th tag was sold a couple of hours ago. Get it straight, or we can start calling you Jayson Blair. Would I be accused of hasty generalization by asking if everyone in New York is this stupid? I hope not; would’nt want to offend anyone back there, God forbid.

    Cheers again from Central Idaho to all you fanatics

  • Why must it always come down to New York City vs. Central Idaho? ALWAYS. (Oh, and fact-checker man, according to Tony McDermott, Fish and Game commissioner for the Panhandle region, about 70,000 hunters will end up with tags. Per The Spokesman-Review.)

  • There will be only 30 wolf taken in the panhandle. Once this number is reached the zone is closed, the amount of tags has no bearing on the numbers to be taken. The money will go to the Fish and Game to enhance the programs we have.

    As far as New York goes, you can keep it. Been there many times, so don’t say I don’t know about it.

  • Jonny Diamond;

    I’m merely commenting on the article as I read it and it says “sold”. I’m not going to disagree with the 70,000 eventually being sold, but that is speculation at this point, nothing more. As for the New York vs. Central Idaho thing, I apologize for being a little harsh in the last comment out of respect for the people back there that are capable of respecting another state’s decision to manage something within Federal law. My point is, if I start a special interest group and use the federal judicial system to push my agenda upon your local governments in New York so that they be run the way I THINK they should be, is it unreasonable of me to assume that you’re going to be a little upset with that?


    Fact-Checker Man

  • Wow – I’m pretty sure you’re all being pretty hypocritical and reactionary. First of all, yes they reintroduced a wolf that is larger than the “native” wolf, but perhaps you ought to look in the mirror if you are trying to figure out why the elk and deer populations are declining. Wolves don’t kill that many large animals and the elk and deer they do hunt are not the large, healthy ones you hunt to feed your family. They hunt the slow and the old and the weak because those are the ones that the wolves expend the least energy and run the lowest risk of injury to catch. Just like Ashley Judd, you must be a true wildlife expert. And it doesn’t take a genius to label Ashley Judd as the spokeswoman for Defenders of Wildlife, an organization that actually does have wildlife biologists on staff.

    FYI – the wolf population is tracked, the number of pups each year recorded and the deaths taken into account. That’s why it’s no secret when one or two die either by nature or by bullet.

    And for all those that may be tempted to attack me for “not knowing the beauty of Idaho”, I HAVE been to Idaho (lived there for three summers) and I do know that it is in fact a gorgeous place. I also know that there are a lot of self-righteous hunters there who honestly believe that their sport comes before the stability of the ecosystem. Okay, point to those who recognize that it might be a different subspecies of grey wolf that was introduced, but this is a transparent red herring effort to justify the slaughter. The differences in the two species does not preclude the reintroduced wolves from re-establishing the niche that wolves filled in the food chain before humans killed them all. If your beef is with the reintroduction of the wrong type of wolf, I highly doubt that your serious solution would be “shoot them all!” and would instead be directed towards understanding WHY that species was introduced and perhaps how, if possible, to refocus efforts.

    Stop hiding behind name calling and attacks on geography. If you’re going to name call, at least do so in a fashion that supports your point instead of just drawing attention to the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about either.

  • @happycactus

    it’s certainly possible for new yorkers and idahoans to have reasonable conversations, and i’m always willing to try. (honestly, regardless of state, comment threads across this great nation are always pretty mean-spirited. sadly, they bring out the worst we all have in common).

    the balance between federal mandates and state realities is always deeply complex, and seems to be at the heart of the American experiment (in this case, we have the status of a protected species vs. the impact that species has on the lives of local citizens, a reality that is very difficult to convey to out-of-staters). i suppose in this situation, i’m having a hard time understanding why there need be further license to hunt wolves when property owners are already empowered to protect their livestock by shooting wolves. and when you watch Butch Otter playing to a crowd, looking to sell 70,000 tags at $12 a pop (for just 220 wolves), it just seems lousy.

  • Jonny Diamond;

    You hit the Butch Otter thing right; I didn’t watch it, but I don’t like a politician “playing to a crowd” over such a sensitive issue because it aggravates the situation, which is exactly why I apologized for the above comment that I left. The environmental groups and the hunters both want self-sustaining, healthy game populations and to me this is just going to further polarize the two when they should be working together to achieve a common goal. Like you said, the federal mandates and state realities are very complex, and again, you are right in the sense that it is an experiment. The Idaho Department of Fish & Game is attempting to manage the wolf population within acceptable and healthy levels by region so that the federal government doesn’t have to step in and if this is their “experiment” in attempting that, let them try it.

    I don’t hunt, but I respect the rights of those who do and I don’t think the label that has been pasted across their backs is fair because of a few, but unfortunately visible bad eggs. On the flip side of that, an environmentalist is merely trying to preserve the heritage that belongs to all of us and I respect that, too. Give them a chance to work together, and maybe they will. Butch Otter didn’t help that at all by rubbing salt in the wound with his Red State Revolution rally call. A great example of the opposite side of this is the article written above that does nothing but aggravate things. This article should be blasted for the very same reason Butch Otter should be blasted for adding polarity to an already divided situation.

    Thanks Jonny D

  • As someone who has lived in central idaho on and off for 40 years, and have a ranch in central Idaho, I would like to say a few things 1. The blathe3r about the “larger, wrong subspecies” is just baloney. Been discredited by every wildlife biologist. Belongs in the urban myth category. 2. they have always hated predators here. Coyotes in my younger years, then cougars and now the wrath is directed at wolves. It is not rational, and the phrase “15th century Romania” hits it on the head. Any wildlife which seems tougher than the local rednecks is subject to this hatred. 3. there is not really an issue of threat to elk and deer populations. Numbers are as high as they have ever been and are far more influenced by weather and habitat loss. I have a herd of 80 elk on my ranch, right in the middle of wolf country; their numbers have actually increased with the introduction of wolves. 4. despite being a hunter I don’t feel threaned by wolves and am glad to see them defended by folks from anywhere. pretty repulsive and embarassing to see the pathetic rants of the local “save us from the wolves” populace, most of whom never get off their fat butts from in front of the TV.

  • Corey
    The reason the Canadian Grey Wolf was introduced into the Northern Rockies was because the narrow minded settlers brought the Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf to extinction.

  • What you need to do is shut your big city mouth and go buy milk were it comes from…. (ie the store) You have no clue about the subject in which you blowing your bad breath all about.. This is not to mention the native wild life that have been totally devastated by these pack hunting predatory beasts, shut up and fix the state you live in. DUMB ASS !!!!! P.S. DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB !!!!!

  • You know the eskimos of Alaska don’t believe in killing wolfs because they know the wolf keeps the the herd strong. Oh and by the way my property is 3 miles into Idaho from Montana , so you can’t say I am from new york. By the way that land out there is national forest national parks and not Idaho property. My potato days are over , just maine potatoes now.

  • Now there’s an environmentally sound concept – a poster named “root beer” who claims to live in Idaho states that he/she/it shall only consume potatoes grown 2,500 miles away in Maine and therefore must be trucked transcontinentally in order to please his/her/it’s conscience. Brilliant.

    So you are going to boycott a potato farmer and his family who have absolutely nothing to do with this issue to demonstrate your displeasure with wolf hunting. Boy, that’s going right to the heart of the matter, isn’t it? And talk about compassion! “Let’s go destroy the livelihood of people completely disconnected from the source of our angst! Potato Farmers be Damned!”

    And get this “root beer”, The plural spelling of “wolf” is “wolves”, not “wolfs”. To compound your mistake, you didn’t even bother putting in an apostrophe with your error! “Truck me my potatoes and ignore my blatant ignorance!”

    I live in the mountains of Idaho, and have been witness to two kills performed “live” by wolves, as well as happening upon dozens of elk and deer carcasses within days of their demise by wolves. “How can you be so sure those were done by wolves?”, one might ask. Wolves do something peculiar during and after a kill that no other predator here does – they eat the face off the deceased. Neither Cougars, Coyotes, nor Bears exhibit this behavior. It’s a “wolf thing”. I might well add that their tracks are just a tad different as well. But, no matter.

    As for wolves only attacking the old or sick? Were that the case, then Yellowstone National Park had the sickest elk in all of North America and no one seemed to notice except for the wolves. Since the introduction of wolves into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the herd size has plummeted from over 17,000 to a current figure of just barely 6,000 head. It wasn’t the weather or predation from other species – it was from wolves. They have been filmed attacking even Grizzlies, as well as killing Black Bears and Mountain Lions.

    One early morning a couple February’s back, perhaps around 5:15, I had made a pot of coffee and went out into the pitch black on the porch to sip it down. Pitch black here is exactly that – you cannot see your hand if held up in front of your face. It isn’t New York and Ashley Judd doesn’t live here. The air was about 10 degrees, that perfect crisp in the air where your cheeks tingle just a bit and there is no discomfort to it at all. It’s actually exhilarating. I lit up a smoke. “Bad person”- I already know. Everything tasted great. “Less filling.”

    After about five minutes I heard this horrible screaming from the bottom of my meadow that continued on for another five minutes. I went into a state of high alert, fully realizing something pretty damn bad was happening but a couple of stones-throw from where I was formerly sitting. I pointlessly strained my eyes to see what I could not, left with but the screams of pending death to break the still silence of that cold morn. Silence finally fell.

    Curiousity has always gotten the best of me, but as the years have passed, it has been tempered with some level of judgment. I was in no hurry to know exactly what happened down there, and let a few hours pass before venturing down into the thick growth of the riparian area where the screams had come from.

    About eleven o’clock, wisely I grabbed a 12 gauge loaded with 00 Buck and headed into the thick brush, the scene very easy to find as blood was splattered everywhere upon the otherwise pristine white snow. There amongst the multiple sets of wolf tracks were the remains of a partially consumed cow elk, as usual with the face eaten away. A couple leg bones from her formerly gestating calf, as well as its head and upper spine lay scattered a few feet from where she lay. This isn’t Walt Disney, nor Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel. It is cold, hard, bloody and brutal, completed kills that they never show to the finish and they are always without audio. It isn’t “sanitized” in real life.

    And I shall never forget the screams.

    Where I live, and I live here year-round, I estimate that our elk population has dropped 60% in the last five years alone as the wolves population has skyrocketed. Someone earlier in the comment section, Trish, I believe, argued that “all the wolves are counted, including the pups.” This is balderdash, as well as impossible. The wolves are roaming across millions and millions of acres of rugged, forested land, much of it absolutely roadless, and they are doing what? The U.S.F.W.S never claimed they could do such or were doing such, and neither did the Nez Perce Tribe, their partners in the wolf establishment effort. So Trish, FYI, you are wrong. The population numbers are “Best Guesses”, and quite likely on the conservative side rather than anywhere near accurate.

    Unfortunately, this has become an issue that is now far more emotional than scientific, and even some of the so-called “scientists” involved are not approaching the issue scientifically. On this issue as with so many others, the “scientific method” was sacrificed on the altar of politics long ago. We are dealing with a worshiped “Charismatic Megafauna” instead of an “Apex Predator”, and most of those who have joined the cult of worshipers have not a clue as to the impact the wolves have had where they have been either introduced or re-established, whatever the true facts on that matter may be. A wayward bear shows up in Central Park and one would think the world is coming to an end. Introduced wolves kill tens of thousands of moose, elk, and deer, as well as financially and emotionally impacting the livelihood of ranchers and the supporting communities, and the circumstance is completely dismissed with a dismissive wave of the hand and a sniffle of superiority. “It’s not New York and you people don’t matter. Sniff!”

    Most of you would not have spent a night deep in these woods before the wolves were introduced, and I’ve seen but one “New York” license plate here in the last five years. Most “westerners” don’t either, and the majority of those who go camping spend their so-called “wilderness experience” in an improved campground, many in R.V’s. I do not think we shall suffer much from your absence, but really, come and spend a few nights deep back in. The rewards are plentiful, and it really doesn’t cost anything. You can buy clothing elsewhere as well as your food and other essentials, and for that matter, fuel up on the border of a more civilized state so Idaho doesn’t financially benefit from your presence.

    Park, put on your backpack and hike in for a few days. Pick a good spot to head in, such as the Stoddard Trail near the confluence of the Salmon and Middle Fork. Hike in forty or fifty miles. Between April and the beginning of September, the odds are pretty good that you won’t even meet another human being. Find out what solitude really is and what it really means to be on your own, surrounded by rolling stones. And large boulders. And bears and lions and wolves, let alone all those timber rattlers in there. Really. If you do this right, you can enjoy Idaho and deprive those potato farmers of even a damn dime. You might even learn something.

    Four or five years back, a couple of “Environmentally-Oriented” female Forest Service employees became so frightened and paralyzed by the wolves surrounding their camp in the Sawtooth National Forest that they refused to leave their camp on foot. They made repeated radio calls for extraction, and the F.S. actually had to send in a helicopter to get them out. This is not an exaggeration. These were “outdoor women” quite familiar with western landscapes, not some pouting pontificatress sitting at a keyboard in a “cubicle farm”, completely sanitized from nature.

    “And we shall not buy your potatoes, you degenerates!”

    Indeed. While your banking community is destroying the entire world’s economy with their rapacious greed and you titilate yourselves with the crumbs of what passes for “culture”, you threaten to boycott our poor potato farmers into economic extinction.

    The chutzpah!

    A thought? Perhaps you should mind your business and we shall mind ours.

  • Good gravy.
    I just love the wrath of people who live two thousand and more miles from the issue, just so they can feel warm and fuzzy about having wolves someplace, someplace far away, so they can wave off the guilt over their parasitic, haute moderne lifestyle and all the cool stuff they use and cool things they buy.
    Amanda, get a clue. How about we send a wolf bitch to you and you can share your 6000 a month SoHo flat or wherever you hang.

  • John – you said it.

    Eva – introducing the Canadian grey wolf does not make it all “better.”

    northern Idaho

  • Jeez, can someone from Idaho just explain to me, without calling me names, why 70,000 hunters need to be empowered to go into the woods to kill 220 wolves? When any property owner is legally entitled to kill predators messing with their property? C’mon, I like the woods, you guys like movies… we like the same things. Is every comment thread now a preamble to secession?

  • The initial letter from Corey sums it up nicely – he is obviously the product of an Idaho education (and my kids went to school here,so I know). He states that the introduced wolf is C Lupus occidentalis as opposed to the native wolf C Lupus irremotus. This theory is not supported by any science. But then leaping ahead he uses this to talk about the introduction of a “different species”. Presumably picked this up in the Owl bar in Salmon. High school biology classes on the other hand would tell you that any C Lupus is the same species, regardless of whatever dubious 3rd name anyone tried to tack onto it.

    As far as not beuing able to see large herds of elk anymore, that could be, due to the tendency of elk to disperse across the landscape in a more natural manner under the pressure of wolves. But i still see big hers of elk> The folks who don’t are like my friend down in Custer County who when I asked him about elk hunting this year pointed out there weren’t any elk left in the area we normally go. I went in there and saw as many elk as ever – but he hadn’t gotten up from in front of his TV, preferring to believe the local hysterics instead of getting out to check things himself.. I do like the people here, but they sure can be whiners and unwilling to think for themselves. And honestly I would gladly give up seeing a few elk for the sake of seeing bears and lions and wolves. believe many people here would, including many hunters, but you could get in trouble for saying so. Rural Idaho is not a tolerant area; not called the Dixie of the north for nothing.

  • Salmon River Red is obviously a crazy New Yorker. (just kidding, S.R.R. thank for weighing in).

  • I have little in common with the preach-ie environmentalist who contribute or edit this site or the majority of the narrow-minded posters.

    Case in point, the wolf hunt. What did you environmentalist expect when the wolves were re-introduced? Did you expect them to never be hunted and live happily ever after? Are you truly that naive?

    Next what inspired me to write about the wolf hunt, the call for a boycott. I would like to point out the futility of your so-called boycott of Idaho potatoes. Gawd, that

  • John Malloy:

    One of the best blog comments I’ve ever read.

  • Salmon River Red – lol. Do you even know what part of Idaho I’m from to begin with? Science, you’re quoting me? You are wrong, plain and simple. But continue, please. 🙂

  • Wolves have to kill to survive. I can’t believe some of the people here are making that out as somehow “evil”. This type of demonizing worked in driving the great white shark close to extinction, lets not do it to wolves(again).

    As for the potato boycott, this can only be a good thing for the local farmers, so I’m for it.

  • The wolves should be executed because they are a different subspecies than the native Idaho wolves. I hope you are of pure Native American decent, of the tribe native to the area you currently live. Otherwise, you better get out of Idaho – there is no room for non-native subspecies.

    Video of an elk herd from the 90’s is not proof that the wolves are disrupting the ecosystem. Perhaps you didn’t know, but the eco-system began before the 90’s. In fact Earth has been here much longer than you have. If you think the beginning of time equates to the beginning of your memory you are sadly ignorant and misinformed. In reality, there was a functional eco-system before the wolves were originally exterminated. Do you think the grazers roamed every inch, or they were dispersed into their natural habitat allowing for plant life to thrive in the wolves territory?

    The statement that people who are not directly impacted by the Idaho wolves do not understand really sums up the problem. The problem is not the wolves. The problem is people who think the world revolves around them, and the impact on their personal life and narrow perspective is the absolute deciding factor in anything – beyond the good of humanity, the environment, or anything else. If we all felt that way we would all live in fear and hate, rationalizing the murder of any being whom inconvenienced us, cost us a little money or interfered with our favorite game. And you accuse New York and Hollywood of being shallow? They are shallow because they see beyond their own little world, and care about the grater good of what does not have an immanent direct impact on them?

    The wolves, their methods of hunt and their effect on the eco-system in as nature intended. If nature intended humans to be killing machines they would have been born with guns in their hands. Please try to understand, rather than massacre nature for a change.

  • Wyndwolf – you’re totally missing my point. Why do so many people think that two wrongs make a right anyway? lol.

  • We hunt the wolves Amanda. we don’tfuck them.

    If the wolf packs in your area have tracking collars, you have another option. Research the bands used in your area. Ask the hound hunters. Ask the game warden.

    Lets say that you want to search the 318Mhz band in the Seafoam, Idaho area. Using a high end scanner and a discone antenna

  • Dear Bowhunter,

    I’m with you! I would like to hunt and feel my family too. But I have to say, the wolfs are not just destroying the deer and the elk, but people, too. Most of us who have been to Idaho* probably agree that they should be eradicated from this country! As I’m sure most of you know, the LPGA just recently listed the wolve as a critically dangerous species, which along with bear, tule elk, feral python (and FINALLY this year they changed wolverine from a scavenger to a predator!) is (and I quote) “responsible for up to 70,000 unprovoked human killings in the last quarter decade.” And now the same administration that says I can’t keep a ferret as a pet is going to tell me that they’re seriously thinking of changing the national mammal from manatee to wolve?? That’s outrageous.

    If it wasn’t for the certain overzealous Secret Service agents, I think we could successfully wipe out all the livestock, child, and crop-threatening predators in this country. I know that might not be the “P.C.” thing to say, but I don’t need to be worrying about bobcats while I’m jogging down a nature path while pushing my baby carriage (I’m currently childless).

    We could toss around statistics about animal-on-mankind murders all day, but the bottom line is why do we even need wolfs, bears, coyotes, foxes, crocodiles, Grizzly Bears, Timberwolves, Wolverines, vampire bats or any of the other human-threatening species in our country!? Most of them are non-native, and three (3!!) recent WBC and IBF studies have proven that these predators have an (and I quote) “overall negative affect [sic] on human colonization of the contiguous 48 states of the U S of A”. It’s time we face the facts and stop propping up these “welfare critters.” They had their time to shine, and if my religious faith allowed it (I’m a Quaker), I’d be the first in line to load up my 40-40 with a Silver Bullet and take down one of those maneaters!!

    No more wolfs, or any meat-eating beasts in our back yards! Yes to the panhandle of Idaho!

    Neil from Los Angeles

    *I drove from Boise to Sun Valley on a skiing trip

  • Why do so many people think two wrongs make a right? I think it is because they don’t have the courage and strength to face the wrong and try to make it right so they hide behind anger, hate and violence. The wrong that was done to nature when this country was ‘civilized’ is a mark of shame on our past, and a mountain to climb in our future if it is to be made right (or close to it). It’s easier for to pretend to hate nature, and therefore not have to admit the wrong. Likewise, the wrong that was done to mankind through such excess greed the economy collapsed will take a lot of time and work to undo, and in the meantime those trying to feed their families by ethical means are forced to work that much harder. It is easier to take out the aggression on nature’s creatures in the name of needing an easy free way to feed one’s family than address the real problem and cope with it.

  • The current grey wolf population is over 5 times the original recovery goal set in the 1990’s. So far only 4 wolves have been shot in Idaho since season opened in September 1. Draw your own conclusions.

  • With everything wrong in the world today, I envy the blissful ignorance of anyone who thinks that the biggest threat to their health and safety is a vampire bat or a grizzly bear.

    And to anyone who is trying to villainize the Idaho wolves for the way they kill their prey, I suggest that you read about the factory farms where your steaks and hamburgers comes from. Then we can talk about unneccessary cruelty and who is guilty of it.

  • People who love wolves need to figure out a way to get the wolf out of Idaho and Montana. If these states do not want them, they should make other states take them. Don’t Kill wolves, have them transported out of your state. Hunting down and killing an innocent wolf, makes the people of Idaho look bad, which then reflects on the rest of the country.

  • Boycott Idaho! They also make WINE so, watch wine labels from Sawtooth Winery in Idaho. I called markets and fast food and many other restaurants asking them not to buy anything from Idaho. McDonalds will not tell me where they buy for their french fry’s so, I told them I will not buy from them. This is going to be a bloodbath starting in 2 days. We will see proud Idaho trophy hunters holding up dead wolves and their haunting smiles. Idaho needs to learn that there are Americans that will not stand for senseless killing of animals.

  • Excuse me? What the Hell is wrong with you damn people? How would you like it if I went up to you and blew your fucking brains out? WOLVES ARE NOT EVIL. So what now? Every little thing that comes up and kills your precious cattle is evil? That is BULLSHIT. Humans are way worse than wolves, as a matter of fact, wolves are way better than humans, not because they dont go around shooting other living things because they feel that they are trespassing, but because they have a better heart, THATS RIGHT, WOLVES HAVE HEARTS. Does that surprise you? Well if it does then good luck in Life.

    EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING NEEDS A CHANCE TO LIVE. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rummage your PATHETIC lives and ruin your time, all I am saying is that THIS IS STUPID AND IMMATURE, GET A LIFE YOU FUCKING FAGGOT WOLF KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • better read about this recreational killing by the wolves…

  • There is no denying wolves have killed herds of sheep, cattle and elk, not for food but for the killing itself. Wolves have killed humans. The stories are there but for the finding and reading. We brought back the wrong wolf to YNP, ID, WY and MT. Google: Smoke a Pack a Day for real debate rather than just one sided opinions like this PETA video. There is serious debate that can show that there is more than one side to this controversy. Read what was discovered this summer, here in Montana:…

  • (Let me just apologize for my brother’s language, it was quite foolish of me to let him use my account, sorry for the cursing that he has displayed.) It is quite true that the wolf has killed humans, yet the cause of such behavior is VERY MOST likely due to the fact that humans have interfered with their very ways of living and thus bringing forth the instinct to kill, if humans had not been meddling in the affair with the wolf then the wolf wouldn’t have killed them, maybe it was for fear, nobody really knows. However I bet you anything that if you replaced the wolf with a lion in the terms of each enviorment then you would be bashing the lion just as so. But since this isn’t the case the wolf is now the “victim” and ignorant people have shed the light on an innocent animal, wolves rarely kill their prey just for the heck of it and can go days without eating just searching for food. Wolves must eat, so must we. It is very immature to point out the fact that people also eat meat and that we are hypocrites, alas, until we have the whole story we must not jump to conclusions. I must say that the wolf,in my GREATEST opinion, is the most family orientated and beautiful animal I have ever laid eyes on . I hate the fact that people try to degrade just by it’s life style and demode it because if its appearence. I also hate the fact that people are trying to get rid of it just because of their stupid ignorance. Now with a following note I do hope that the wolf may live in peace and that we may all live our lives, however it may be. Good luck everyone and I dearly hope you see the TRUE beauty of the wolf.

    Yours In Idiotic Harmony,

    Ollie (I’m a girl….I know…) =^o^=

  • I apologize but I must add something to my other statement, 70,00 UNPROVOKED KILLINGS? PLEASE. So a bear just came up to a human and killed it? NO THAT IT NOT HOW IT WORKS. Either the stupid little human was in it’s territory or the bear needs anger management. But I don’t know what happened so I can only make assumptions. =/

  • Great title! Poor Walter Cronkite has just done a backflip in his grave. Amanda, reporting and ranting are two different things. In the future, please spare us.

  • Ms Jud,

    I love your work on the big screen but just cannot support your stance on the Grey Wolf introduced into Idaho. As I am sure you know the Grey wolf introduced into Idaho was never indigenous to Idaho. The Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, however, was, yet those who decided to reintroduce wolves into Idaho made the decision to bring in a much larger and more aggressive species of wolf, which have wreaked havoc with the local ranchers and in some cases taken hunting dogs and pets as pray. Idaho is blessed with abundant big game and this much larger and stronger breed of wolf has had easy prey diminishing our herds of Elk, Deer, Sheep, Cows – big game and domestic livestock alike. For someone who does most of her hunting at the local grocery store, it is difficult for you to understand that someone has to calve, feed, raise and protect those animals for you and the rest of the nation to enjoy. The newly introduced Grey Wolf plays hell with our ability to feed our families and the rest of this hungry nation by selectively killing those cows and sheep we are unable to protect. Not to mention the big game we hunt to help feed our families.


  • Oh please, they teach them these things because they must grow up to understand how to hunt and feed themselves. You are acting like they go around killing everything for fun. Stop being immature and deal with the wolves and how they are. Just stay out of it and stop bashing them. We humans do what we need to survive, so why is it such a crime to do so in the wild? There are THOUSANDS of species who do the same, why can’t people just let nature come into play without being a big fat baby and complaining about everything they think is wrong. Wolves DO kill livestock, they HAVE killed humans, and they will continue. But then again so have cougars, lions, and bears. So let it be, and let thrive without crying your eyes out and having a fit over the wolf. Honestly people, have some decency….(I fear for the future if this is what the world has come to.)

  • HowlingSoul: I agree 100% with you! People like BILL over here just feel like bashing these animals. Killing machines?? Oh stop it now. Why don’t we just throw you to the wolves and let them do what they please with you, because vermin like you really don’t need to be here.

  • I just despise the fact that people think that they have the right to determine what a life is worth, no matter how pathetic it may seem. Killing a wolf because of “a right to control the population”? What makes it okay for people to think they can just go out into the open and shoot an animal just so that it may be mounted upon the porch? Wolves have feelings, just like EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE ON THE PLANET. I find it sick that humans are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth yet we set up and destroy the beauty of nature around us. You have no right to say an animal is evil or claim things if you DO NOT KNOW IT IS TRUE. No one will really know about animal’s thoughts or feelings, so why not move on instead of just trampling over the Order Of Things?

  • Sign a petition to prosecute two wolf killers:…

  • Sign a petition to prosecute two men who illegally killed an Alaskan wolf:…

  • Why not introduce a few dozen wolves into upstate new york. Wait a couple of yearsand then ask about how they help the ecosystem. I have also seen the impact of these wolves in Idaho, personally. I’d love to send them all to New York.
    Doug in north Idaho

  • okay.. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!! Im not taking any sides.. exept the wolves. wolves are just like humans… heres a passage my friend wrote

    Why do people hate wolves? I have heard people say wolves are stupid. I have heard people say wolves hunt for fun. And I have heard people say wolves are homicidal. People are wrong.

    My first argument is wolves are not stupid. Wolves are actually very smart. They can trap almost any prey by making a strategy. How many animals do that? Wolves travel in packs simply so they can trap prey and live. Wolves aren’t only in packs for food though. They also stay together because they are bretheren. Wolves arent stupid. They may sometimes act stupid but they arent. Wolves are very smart and can do anything they put their minds to… Just like humans. Wolf strategies include going in a V shape to surround the prey or slowly chasing the prey into an ambush. Here is an example of one of their tactics. The wolves slowly led the bison into two other wolves and it fell into their trap.

    I have heard people say wolves hunt for fun. Wolves do not hunt for fun, they hunt to keep their babies fed so they don

  • 🙁 this is making me cry….. wolves go through way more pain than humans will ever go through…. why cant everyone just live in piece? so what the wolves killed your cattle! put up a shock wire fence, it will hurt the wolves instead of killing them. just BE SMART!! im 13 and i came up with a better idea than you wolf murders out there.

  • kill them all!!!!

  • It’s amazing how my opinion of Idaho and the other states massacreing America’s wolves has been trashed. No Idaho anything in my home if I can help it!

  • Murderers. Poor excuse for human beings. Cowards. Have no clue what a real man is. Teaches their children to be killers. Need to spend the rest of life is prison along with their kids. Maybe we should hunt them down and shoot and kill them and their entire families because we feel threatened by them. Cant do anything without their little guns because they are cowards. Sickening. Human bags of GARBAGE! I hope when its your time to die you meet the horrible of deaths out there and that goes for your little killers too!

  • why because they are too stupid to go to the market and buy food? humans do not need to kill to survive nice try though they kill because they are taught to kill by their parents and why kill wolves what you going to eat them to survive they were here way before you were i hope someday someone hunts you down and shoots you just because and that is all it is it makes you feel superior when in fact you are low life who has no respect for anything or anyone YOU MAKE ME SICK WITH YOUR EXCUSES ON WHY YOU SUCK!

  • Any person that slaughters wolves are the lowest form of garbage! I hope you and your whole family are slaughtered for no reason and I hope those pictures are splattered all over the internet.

  • @f**k wolves I hope someday you meet a horrible death. I hope someone hunts you down. I hope you are defenseless when you are being chased and I hope while you re running you step right into a leg trap and it snaps your ankle and then I hope when the hunter catches you he puts a bullet in your head. You are useless bag of human garbage.

  • They murder and slaughter wolves because they are sexual deviants who can only get satisfaction from this behavior. They cant satisfy their wives, girlfriends, sisters or daughters so they choose to be murderers. They are pathetic human beings at best. Human bags of garbage that should be exterminated the minute they are found. You need to wipe out the whole family of these deviants because from their teachings their family members are now just as sick and twisted as they are. I say everyone should suffer a horrible painfully long death! I only wish I could be there to bask in the glory of their dying.

  • People have the true overpopulation problem, with approx. 80 million global annual net gain. That’s the context elk hunters and ranchers keep ignoring when dwelling on their pet issues. Livestock aren’t a native species, either. Wolf haters in the 1800s tried to wipe out the native bison for various reasons, among which was to replace them with cattle (same income and property rights dogma we see today). All they’ve ever cared about is “me and mine,” not the full balance of nature which humans are constantly destroying.

  • Come to northern Idaho and bring your cute little dog with you and take it for a walk. Since most city’s border thick woodlands filled with CANADIAN gray wolves I bet you and or your dog will be surrounded and or attacked…. You won’t stand a chance against several 200 + lb dogs who want to gut you and dog and then leave you to slowly die since you seem to love YouTube look up the wolf attacks in Idaho before you make a fucking dumbass web site you know nothing about. Go eat some tofu and stay the fuck out of my state…love redneck wolf hunter dude. PS o got a wolf tag fucker ; )