2010 Endangered Monuments List Released

10/07/2009 3:05 PM |

Machu Picchu

Yesterday the World Monument Fund, a New York-based group that overseas the renovation and restoration of historically and aesthetically significant buildings and sites around the world, released the 2010 edition of its annual list of endangered sites to watch. Happily, no New York buildings or places made the list this year (in 2008, the New York State Pavilion in Queens was one to watch), and the closest crumbling structures to the city on the list are the bridges of the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, which are very pretty indeed.

More alarming, perhaps, are the archeological sites around the world (like Machu Picchu, pictured) that are at risk in part because they are so famous and popular. There’s even a helpful interactive map, in case you’re wondering which tourist destinations you should and shouldn’t visit in the near future, or where you want to help out.