50 Cent and Eminem Re-Make “Patiently Waiting”

10/29/2009 1:36 PM |

Before I Self-Destruct Album Cover

50 Cent’s major label debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was so well-managed and packaged, with all the imagery of precision-engineering in the “In Da Club” video and then the awesome Eminem duet “Patiently Waiting”, which might explain why everything he’s done since has seemed so terrible and tacky. Now, the latest track off 50’s forthcoming Before I Self-Destruct (November 23)—along with the hilarious, Terminator-style official album art (pictured)—has leaked, and it’s basically a lesser version of “Patiently Waiting.”

From the mic-time to the subject matter to the beat, “Psycho” is really more of an Eminem song with a 50 appearance, which speaks volumes about their respective popularity right now. It’s a pretty standard Dre beat with bleeps throughout and dramatic strings on the chorus, and Em just sounds like 100 times better, even if he’s saying the same old shock-horror stuff. It’s also a much, much better song than today’s other 50 leak, the scattershot beef-starter “So Disrespectful.” Also, at one point Em talks about killing someone named Portia and another person named Jessica: Is he making Shakespeare references now?