Beanie Sigel Releases a Jay-Z Diss Track, Sounds Like a Giant Baby

10/30/2009 3:42 PM |


Just when I thought the day could not be salvaged, there comes news of a new track called “What You Talkin Bout (I Ain’t Your Average Cat)” by Philadelphia rapper and onetime Roc-A-Fella family member Beanie Sigel, who’s pissed off that Jay-Z doesn’t want to be his friend anymore or something. The song’s based on the hook from the unimpeachable Blueprint 3 opener “What We Talking Bout”, and the most substantial gripe here, or at least the final straw, seems to be that Jay called the cops to have Sigel removed from the front row of a recent show in Philadelphia. And maybe that Jay wouldn’t give him his blessing when Sigel had the opportunity to sign another more lucrative deal with a different label? Who knows.

Halfway through the seven-minute track, the rhyming (which is actually pretty great while it lasts) comes to an end, and Sigel just starts straight-up ranting like a deranged stalker or a scorned former lover. “You didn’t come see me in jail!” “Didn’t even write me a letter!” “You never buy me chocolate and why won’t you take out the garbage on your own, or pick up your own clothes off the floor, or mow the fucking lawn without me having to beg you, and do you even appreciate it when I cook dinner for you?!?!?!” Not a good look at all, Beanie. Listen to the track below, while marveling at how super nice Jay’s sweater is.

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  • I am a die hard Jay fan and I still feel beenie on this one. I mean damn he from the hood he knows how hard it is for convicted criminal to find good employment. Beenie have a family to feed and all why not let dude sign with someone else. If you don’t find him to be a threat and you so confident in yourself why not let that dude spread his wing so he could feed his family so that man can eat. You know he came out from doing a bid and all and chances of him getting a good job to support himself is slim. He dosen’t ask you for money knowing that you have enough resources that help him to live comfortably without putting a dent in your pockets but still he doesn’t ask you for anything, but freedom and you shut him down in every aspect . Yo I love Jay but that is cold blooded and for him to be from the hood I am not feelin him on this one. I would like to here him retort to this song. I know there are many sides to a story but this side is kind of a turn off on Jay side . I feel beenies pain. I know it aint where you come from its where you at, but I grew up just like jay we travel in the same circles from Rich Porter on down. He know how it is out here. We all have that same dream and he accomplished it and for that totally dig him. On another note you don’t stop a nigga from eating just because. Something about this ain’t right. I repeat I am a die hard Female Jay fan. I love him but I don’t love this. Corny.

  • As a Jew I can just say how proud I am how Beanie Siegel represents our long tradition from the ghetto. (and I really mean Ghetto)