Built To Spill to Perform on Letterman Tonight

10/15/2009 8:58 AM |


Before I forget, let me just put this out there for you real quick: If you weren’t able to snag tickets to any of the four Built to Spill shows happening in the city this week, or even if you purposely didn’t buy tickets because you find the weakness for incessant and often aimless jamming they tend to indulge while performing live to be too much of a deterrent, the band will be appearing on Letterman tonight, in a setting that will force them to keep things brief. This is a good thing. They played Best Song Ever candidate “Car” at Webster Hall on Monday, but it’s considerably more likely that tonight they’ll play something from their pretty darn good new record, There is No Enemy. I’m holding out for the very sweet “Nowhere Lullaby.”