Carrie Musical in the Works?

10/20/2009 11:19 AM |

Carrie the Musical

Over at his blog Producer’s Perspective, Broadway and Off-Broadway producer Ken Davenport spent some time yesterday thinking fondly on the possibility of turning the Stephen King novel-turned Brian De Palma high school horror flop Carrie into a stage musical. And aside from the fact that it’s been done once before (with disastrous results), the idea suddenly seems plausible, if not downright likely.

According to Variety, Jeffrey Seller (the Broadway producer behind the new West Side Story and In the Heights) is organizing a reading of the script, and “‘composer Michael Gore, lyricist Dean Pitchford and book writer Lawrence D. Cohen’ are revisiting and reworking their script.” While there are still no details on when and where the reading will be (and whether it will be open to the public), it’s never too soon for a round of fantasy casting. I propose Kirsten Dunst in the lead and Carrie Fisher as her mother.

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  • Not to quibble, but Carrie isn’t a short story, it is King’s first novel. And Carrie, the movie adaptation, wasn’t a “flop”

  • Wow, what a sloppy article…not only was De Palma’s film an enormous success beyond expectations, this is not a new version of “Carrie” as a musical. It’s a reading for a possible revival of the original infamous/cult musical from the 80s with some possible revisions.