Chomsky Banned at Gitmo, Makes Pithy Comment About It

10/26/2009 11:23 AM |

Harry Potter, not Chomsky

Universally beloved pain-in-the-ass-to-the-American-hegemony Noam Chomsky has been banned from the Guantanamo Bay quasi pseudo sort of not really at all legal prison thingy library. More specifically, his collection of New York Times op-eds, Interventions, submitted by a Pentagon lawyer, was declined because of “force protection issues,” which basically means guards didn’t want to have to deal with gadfly-type questions about the unholy machinations of American empire over the last 60 years. Because those are MAD IRRITATING. Not surprisingly, Chomsky dropped a T-bomb when told about his banishment:

“This happens sometimes in totalitarian regimes. Of some incidental interest, perhaps, is the nature of the book they banned. It consists of op-eds written for The New York Times syndicate and distributed by them. The subversive rot must run very deep.”

Zing! The most popular books from the Gitmo Library? Harry Potter.

(The Miami Herald has a swell guide to what can and can’t be in the library, here.)

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  • Did we need any more confirmation that these are the most dangerous men on EARTH! I mean, seriously, they are obviously studying Voldemort’s tactics.

  • Banning literature is inadvertently banning free speech; typical of totalitarian regimes. The U.S is not a free nation.

  • There is a major difference between forcing your ideal government system on the people and keeping the people ignorant about what the system really is. In the end I believe that all major powers in the world always had this tendency towards unfair control of power. Power corrupts don’t forget. Whether you are a single person or an entire nation, power will corrupt. I think that this is exactly what happened to this nation. We weren’t always like this we were once a nation that the world held in high esteem(of course having our ugly past as well).

    This is not a totalitarian nation. Far from it. Its a world power like those of the past. It commits the same wars of invasion, resources stealing, population control (by force/smoke screens), & “shot calling” in the global political arena just like any other healthy super power of the past. We just are doing it with more success.
    But don’t let mental illusions fool you, there are no such things as “nation” or “superpower” that you are separate part of. Its all the same, people participating in synchronized agreements of human energy exchange. We are consenting to be part of this nation and by consenting to it, you contribute to it. Now we can be forced to participate or fooled into participating it. Only 2 options force or consent. These two are common factors of running “nations”

    1) the powerful (honest or corrupted) running things through secrecy, lies and oppression


    2) the poor uneducated population/ (If not uneducated) the arrogant ignorant.

    Its not “Americans” that are the problem, its the ignorant arrogant. Because its absurd that a few hundred people can influence the actions of millions who in turn ruin the lives of billions. We as a nation of millions cannot let the lies of a few hundred people affectnot only the rest of the species but even the stability of the planet. No matter if you are a civilian, a law enforcement officer or are part of the military we cannot allow this absurdity to continue.

    This has to be a global effort though

  • Oh and influencing the course of history is not as hard as you think it is. Look at Chomsky, he is affecting this human energy synchronization by figuratively putting a mirror in front of its ugly face. That is why he is loved/hated. Its not hard it only take selfless dedication…. allowing yourself to be selflessly committed to “change” like Mr. Chomsky is the tricky part. I’ve written to him in the past, and he almost always responds within the first 3 days, and one time he even responded the same exact day which is impressive but whats more impressive was that it was thanksgiving day, you know when you spend time with your family.

    He answered my question about the U.N. in a timely fashion holiday or not. Now if that’s not selfless dedication then i don’t know what is.