Collectible Souvenirs from Pre-Recession 2007

10/16/2009 1:03 PM |

Unicas 2007 Souvenir Towers

As we know all too well from the semi-permanent construction sites and sidewalk sheds all over the city, the delirious visions of many greedy developers have been abandoned in the last two two years, but that doesn’t mean that the ridiculous architecture they enabled is completely lost. The designers at Boym Partners Inc. have created a series of five architectural miniatures dubbed Souvenirs of the Recession (pictured), which portray five of the crazier buildings that were planned but never created during the recent real estate boom—Dubai’s Burj Al Alam, London’s Cheesegrater, Moscow’s Russia Tower, Tribeca’s 56 Leonard and Korea’s Busan Lotte Tower. For $84 you can own what would have been billion-dollar architectural luxury goods. (Curbed)