Dangerously Addictive Online Games Disguised as Spreadsheets

10/21/2009 2:47 PM |


So, this is how I’ve spent my last half hour, and how you will likely spend your next 4 to 8: Can’t You See I’m Busy is a web-based game website where users can play old school-style computer games that are designed to look like spread sheets. So far there are only three games, and while the Pong equivalent Breakdown is a little too stressful and the spaceship navigation game Leadership seems a little tedious, the Tetris-like block-busting game Cost cutter (pictured) is seriously going to waste a lot of companies’ money.

How much money? Well, the Can’t You See I’m Busy homepage keeps a running counter of how much money the lost minutes of play are costing the global economy based on gaming times. Currently the counter, which is in Euros, is €765,000. Folks, I know we can get that up to 1 million by the end of the week. (NOTCOT)