Great Neighborhood Bar Lucky Dog Needs Your Support

10/29/2009 2:31 PM |

What the hell is going on in Williamsburg? Wonderful, mellow local bar Lucky Dog (yes, the one we love) is having trouble getting its liquor license because some condo dwellers thought they were buying apartments overlooking Gramercy Park. (Not to mention there were already two nearby backyard establishments in operation before the condos went up. Meh, these guys want to shut down the very thing that has made Williamsburg a destination for their ugly condos—a vibrant cultural and night- life. This makes me so mad I could spit. [Spits.]) So, if you care about decency and good beer, get out and support some great guys tonight and the great bar they’ve opened at the community board hearing: 6:30pm, 435 Graham Ave, at the corner of Frost Street.

2 Comment

  • Everyone is an idiot.

  • This is a very good bar, and those are some very bad people. And yes, they are idiots: who buys a condo on BEDFORD AVENUE and then complains about noise? I think they’re just pissed off because they paid top of the market prices for cheap-ass construction, and now owe more than their shit box is worth. There’s a lot of that going around these days…

    But why take it out on the nicest, safest, cleanest, sweetest bar in Williamsburg?