Guggenheim and Google Announce Shelter Design Winners

10/22/2009 11:58 AM |

David Eltangs SeaShelter

The Guggenheim Museum (which, you may have heard, celebrated its big 5-0 yesterday) launched a design competition co-sponsored by Google earlier this year for pro and amateur architects to design shelters using only Google SketchUp and Google Earth. As part of yesterday’s celebration the Gugg and Goog announced the winners in the juried (David Eltang’s SeaShelter, pictured) and people’s choice (David Mares’ Cork Block Shelter) categories.

Some of the more adventurous finalists were lost in the mix, and it seems like an awfully thinly veiled ad for Google, but inasmuch as the Design It competition got over 600 designers around the world thinking about how best to create small, low-cost spaces for disparate geographic locations with vastly different environmental characteristics, it’s gotta be a good thing. Of course, there are no plans to build any of these puppies per se, but it’s fun to dream.