How Far Can You Go Fomenting Revolution in America Before You Get in Trouble?

10/27/2009 12:44 PM |

Crying eagle

From the Continental Congress ’09 website:

Our Republic stands upon a precipice. Within a very short time we will either restore Constitutional Order or our nation—at least as we know it—will cease to exist.

One could almost believe that the agonies the nation now suffers are the outcomes of deliberate plans crafted by those who wish to destroy our Republic and founding Principles.

The truth, however is that these problems cannot be fixed through the representative electoral process.

For ten days in November, a group of “delegates” from across the country will meet in Illinois to address the aforementioned crisis, modeling themselves on the original Continental Congress which was pissed off at having a black man tell them what to do the British. Granted, the people behind this Tea Baggeresque return to 18th-century American resistance insist they’ll be exploring peaceful means to express grievances, but some of that language gets the Freepers going:

If revolution comes to our shores, it will be unique in history. In stead of fighting to create a new constitution, for the first time a people will fight to restore one.