Hugo Boss Using Public Art as Advertising

10/14/2009 3:07 PM |

Elisa Trudel Hugo Mural on LES

If you’re like me, you mostly learn to tune out the ads on billboards and murals around the city, unless they’re especially creative or, you know, actually art. Well, in an effort to confound that distinction between art and ads (although, really, they’re just pretty ads), Hugo Boss has put up what they’re calling an “outdoor gallery” of artist-designed murals all around Lower Manhattan.

Dubbed Hugo Create, the campaign borrows a page from Absolut Vodka, using the silhouette of a new fragrance bottle as a visual motif tying together the otherwise vastly different and disparate murals. My favorite is the one by Montreal artist Elisa Trudel (pictured) at Stanton and Rivington. Click here for a map of all the murals. (NOTCOT)