Improbably, Lupe Fiasco Keeps Getting Better

10/12/2009 1:16 PM |

Lupe Fiasco

Bespectacled, skinny jeans-wearing Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco has abandoned plans to make his third album an epic three-disc goodbye to the game—which, despite being a seductive idea, is probably a good thing—and the album that’s coming out of the process sounds amazing so far. Though there’s no firm release date for Lasers yet (before the end of the year, hopefully), the first single “Shinning Down” with Matthew Santos was pretty spectacular. Now a new mixtape track that may turn out to be the second single off Lasers, “Fire”, has started making the rounds, and it’s truly phenomenal, from the massive Hendrix sample to the breathless verses.

Don’t miss the line about Eminem and Asher Roth (“If not the same then similar/like Asher and Mathers”) and my favorite: “I used to rubber band/but now I got a bungee/if you’ll let me expand/that refers to the money.” Here’s hoping the whole record is this good.