Jack White Still Making Very Little Sense, Now Kinda Looks Like Kenny G

10/02/2009 3:33 PM |

Boy, I’d really like to pick Jack White’s brain. Having watched the Dead Weather’s new video for “I Cut Like A Buffalo” six times now, which is probably four more times than necessary, I still have no idea what the hell is going on. But I didn’t understand Crime and Punishment either, and that didn’t stop me from writing a ten page paper on it in twelfth grade. So here’s what I’ve been able to figure out so far:

1.) Allison Mosshart might be a really good belly dancer—I don’t think it’s her, but if it is…well, job well done, Allison. Job well done.
2.) Jack White hates the media and/or men in bowler hats.
3.) Anyone know who the guy with the sweet beard is at 3:10? Is he even in the Dead Weather? How long does it take to grow a beard like that? And what kind of beard-grooming techniques do you think he uses?
4.) The term “Cut like a buffalo has 2 definitions on Urban Dictionary: a.) To be thick-skinned. Difficult to upset, hurt, or insult. Tough. b.) making a female bleed while engaging in sexual intercourse. I think the song is referring to the first definition…
5.) PETA’s going to be pretty upset if that’s an actual buffalo head.
6.) Jack White kind of looks like Kenny G.
7.) Weird for the sake of being weird can still be somewhat entertaining—good one, Jack.
8.) The White Stripes really need to record a new album.

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