Jay-Z Really Wants to Work with Oasis

10/09/2009 10:49 AM |

Ojaysis Jay-Z and Oasis

This will surely come as unpleasant news to the Oasis fans who apparently read The Measure, but according to an interview with The Sun, Jay-Z would really like to work with the Gallagher brothers, but only because Snoop is doing it first.

“I hear Snoop Dogg might be teaming up with Noel. If that’s the case then I would love to work with Liam. Their music is tight and I think we could blend our styles well.”

Jay then goes on to explain that given his successful mashup album with Linkin Park, “the same could happen with Liam” which, um, seems unlikely, but if Snoop’s doing it then it must be a great idea, right? (HipHopDX)