Karaoke Coming to Williamsburg’s Waterfront Riviera?

10/12/2009 1:59 PM |

Hipster karoake

In a recent interview with Eater, restaurant mogul Michael Huynh discussed his hundred-something new projects around the city and country, and offered the following nugget of news about his plans for Williamsburg:

A spot on the waterfront in Williamsburg. 6,000 square feet. We’ll turn it into a beer garden. Karaoke downstairs. Seafood market, asian style. On North 5th and Kent. We’ll pay for your water taxi.

Well, after a giant suburban multiplex of a bowling alley, I guess a karaoke-seafood-bratwurst-beer garden in a giant condo tower doesn’t seem quite so incongruous, just another step in the mall-ification of Williamsburg. This does, however, raise the important question: what would be on a hipster karaoke playlist? Anyone? (Curbed)

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