Law & Order & Torture

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10/06/2009 12:58 PM |

We may all be old married white people here at The L Magazine, but that doesn’t mean we watch Law & Order or anything, I mean come now dear reader.

Still, we (I) noted with interest that lawyer and Harper’s magazine torture blogger Scott Horton is all up on Law & Order producer René Balcer, interviewing him about the premiere episode of the show’s twentieth season, which apparently addressed about Bush-era detention and interrogation policies, with a great deal of ripped-from-the-headlines savvy. (We were also happy to see that Sam Waterston is still on the show, just cold bein’ gruff and world-weary and cagey in matters of criminal law.) It’s actually a pretty fascinating conversation about torture and accountability, because the whole point of the show is to made complex legal and moral issues explicable, and dramatic, for the lay viewer.

When I am middle-aged, and sitting around the house during the daytime, probably wearing an undershirt tucked into a pair of dirty white briefs, watching Law & Order reruns, and this episode comes on, I will watch it with interest and remember this Q&A, assuming of course that we will still have TNT in the Future.