Lilith Fair to Return in 2010

10/28/2009 3:56 PM |


I don’t know where I was back in April when this was first announced, via Twitter by festival organizer Terry McBride, but the Lilith Fair is apparently being revived for 2010. The festival’s website relaunched yesterday, with basically no information. No lineups, no dates, no ticket info… just a list of the first round of cities the tour will hit (New York is on there, thank goodness), and a free MP3 of Sarah McLachlan and Emmylou Harris performing “Angel” in 1998.

So who do we think will be on the bill this year? Remember, the emphasis is on women here, so you’ve got to think offers will be (or have been) made to Gaga, T-Swift, maybe Pink, maybe Kelly Clarkson, maybe even Beyonce, which would be nice. Obviously event co-founder McLachlan will be on hand, and whatever other hold-overs from the festival’s early days are still around. Sheryl Crow? Joan Osbourne? Shawn Colvin? Natalie Merchant? Is Natalie Merchant still alive? God, I hope so.

The other question, of course, is just how far beyond the mainstream they’ll go. And if they choose to approach people like St. Vincent, Fever Ray, Bat For Lashes or Marnie Stern, would any of them even be willing?

The biggest question, though, is whether they’ll be smart enough not to invite Katy Perry.