Londoners Like Banksy’s Ikea Mural

10/07/2009 1:02 PM |

Banksy mural in Sutton, London

Following a brilliant model established in Bristol last month—whereby citizens get to vote on whether pieces of street art are protected or painted over—the London suburb of Sutton (of which I am Mayor Emeritus, incidentally) is letting locals vote on whether or not to keep a recent Banksy mural (pictured).

The Guardian reports that so far, 85 percent of Suttonites (as my people are called) who’ve cast a vote want the piece to stay. The move to solicit public input on street art comes after another Banksy piece in East London was painted over to much public outrage last month. No matter how you feel about Banksy‘s art, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a system that lets the people who spend the most time in a city’s streets decide what they should look like. How long before New Yorkers get a say on what graffiti works get to stay? (Artinfo)