Megalomaniacal Williamsburg Subaru Troubadour to Get Own Karaoke Night. Me to Weep.

10/26/2009 2:49 PM |

Obviously, I am a misanthropic jerk. (Well, yes.) Why? (Besides a general dislike of most people, places and things?) I’ve always hated the Williamsburg Subaru Troubadour, the middle-aged guy who drives around on weekends yelling along to oldies at the top of his voice, criss-crossing the neighborhood in a horrifying, brain-melting Doppler of dischordant exhibitionism, ruining whatever shred of peace there was… Obviously, I am an enemy of fun. FreeWilliamsburg went for a ride-along with the guy, one Anthony Delia, and they see him rather more as an eccentric slice of color and joy in the mean streets of the ‘Burg. Fair enough. But there was one line from this video that caused me to punch the back of the film editor’s head: “Never interrupt me in the middle of a song, that really ticks me off.” Oh really?

(Delia is to be rewarded for his noise pollution with a karaoke night at new bar the Woods. It’s called Car-a-oke.)

A Place To Be In Harmony from russel fong on Vimeo.

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  • I have always vacillated on my feelings toward this guy– generally it’s informed by the number of times I have seen him in a give 48 second period.

    Also– it has crossed my mind that the thrill of imposing late 50’s pop is not dissimilar in spirit to sexual assault.

  • YES, REALLY. For the record, this porn star wannabe named Jonny Diamond didn’t punch me in the back of the head. Gotta love the haters, though!

    – Film Editor

  • Er. I was referring to The L Magazine’s film editor, who sits one desk over from me.

  • It’s true, I do, and he did. YES REALLY. My head, my poor head, it really hurts. Gotta pay respects the haters, though, lest they unleash a merciless rain of blows upon your defenseless cranium!

    – Film Editor

  • i’m sorry for my previous comment. when i read it initially it was the last in a string of negative ones, so i was feeling discontent about it. needless to say, i’m enjoying the good and bad feedback. thanks for giving it a write-up.