Nancy Spero, Pioneering Feminist Artist, is Dead

10/19/2009 4:37 PM |

Nancy Spero

Artforum reports today that Nancy Spero, the Cleveland-born, New York- based (by way of Chicago) painter, installation artist and feminist activist died on Saturday at the age of 83. In New York her work was most recently seen at Galerie Lelong, the Chelsea gallery that represents her work in an exhibition of early paintings last winter. Her work is also on permanent display as part of the MTA’s Arts for Transit program in the 66th Street-Lincoln Center subway station.

More than her art, though, Spero’s legacy will be defined by her leadership in New York’s feminist art movement, both as a member of several radical groups of artists and activists in the 60s and 70s, and especially as the founder of A.I.R. Gallery, which still operates in Dumbo. Hopefully Roberta Smith’s not too busy in London to write what would surely be an excellent obit in the Times.

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