Nat Finkelstein, Photographer of Warhol’s Factory, is Dead

10/06/2009 4:15 PM |

Nat Finkelstein photo of Andy Warhol (1966)

Gosh, today’s a sad news day for Brooklyn artists: Artnet reports that Brooklyn-based photographer Nat Finkelstein, died on October 2 at age 76. Finkelstein was an especially active photographer in New York in the 1960s, when he photographed many of the city’s arts communities and subcultures, eventually joining Andy Warhol’s Factory from 1964-67. He also did street and editorial photography, documenting his journeys around the world and across the country.

Despite the success of his photography in exhibitions, with photo agencies and publications like Time, Life, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone, he all but retired in 1968. Still, his photographs of the 60s are in many major museum and gallery collections, have been repubrinted for innumerable exhibitions, books (by powerHouse Books, among others) and magazines, and remain some of the most iconic images we have of that period’s cultural scene. Most of his work can be found on his website. (Artforum)