New Dumbo Gallery is All About Books

10/05/2009 12:41 PM |

Central Booking opening

Though Dumbo boasts an impressive roster of art galleries (Bose Pacia just moved to the neighborhood from Chelsea), the vast majority are dedicated to photography, while many of the nabe’s small, indie publishers lack exhibition spaces for their beautiful, bound objects. Central Booking, a new endeavor by independent curator and book artist Maddy Rosenberg in the 111 Front Street gallery building (at number 214), aims to rectify this gap between art books and art, as visitors to the gallery’s grand opening last month can attest.

Split between two rooms, the larger space features new works by visual artists who create installations and special volumes around a common theme (currently, science in art), while the adjacent room serves as a bookstore for artists’ books and prints. The Art Newspaper covered the opening event, and the gallery’s website has details on the current exhibition and books on display.

(photo credit: nicknormal/Flickr)