New Moon Soundtrack Leaks

10/12/2009 9:26 AM |

As you spent your weekend pumpkin picking or shopping for new sweaters, or, really, taking part in any number of the many activities that are totally appropriate now that fall is very much upon us, The New Moon soundtrack leaked. This is sort of a big deal because of the possibility that it could have a substantial negative impact on record sales. On the other hand, It could also have exactly zero effect on sales, because, while Twilight fans are certainly among the most computer literate out there, they’re also nothing if not loyal. So, they could download it if they wanted to, but that might not stop them from buying the shit out of it too, especially if there’s some fancy packaging or whatever.

The other reason the leak is sort of a big deal? Holy shit, what timing! If this ain’t autumnal, I do not know what is. The Grizzly Bear song featuring Victoria Legrand from Beach House is my favorite so far, but Bon Iver and St. Vincent’s “Roslyn” is not to be fucked with either. And I guess even the song by that Thom Yorke fella is ok.

Oh brother, in the time it took for me to compose this post, the songs were taken off YouTube. Enjoy this live version of the Grizzly Bear song instead. I recommend hiding the video and just listening so you can picture your own perfect cocktail of Bella, Edward and Jacob.