New Rihanna Album Gets Title

10/20/2009 1:04 PM |

Rihanna Rated R album cover

As Jon Blistein wrote yesterday, one of the six big-name artists with records slated for release on November 23 is Rihanna, whose previously untitled fourth album is no longer untitled. According to Island Def Jam, Rated R will indeed hit shelves on Super Monday, and the sexy, purposefully pixelated image at right is rumored (but not confirmed) to be the cover.

And, in keeping with alliterative “r” theme, the Def Jam press release announces that the first single off the new record is “Russian Roulette”, written by Ne-Yo (for which a music video directed by Anthony Mandler will premiere on primtetime on ABC sometime soon). It’s a solid, squeaky-clean track, with dramatic swells, sleek driving drums and a recurring dice-rolling sound. She sounds distinctly more like a diva than a pop star, which hopefully won’t be true of the whole album, though with a title like “Rated R” that seems unlikely. Check it out: