New York’s Decapitated Parking Meters to Become Bike Racks

10/28/2009 4:36 PM |

new bike racks on poles

You may have noticed that more and more NYC parking meters are losing their heads, in favor of muni-meters—for various reasons pertaining to the implementation of flexible curbside parking rates. But what to do with the naked poles left on the sidewalk? And what to do about the sudden lack of things to lock bikes to? Well, earlier this month the Department of Transportation released a revised version of its plan for 2009-2010, which details their intention to turn many such meter-less poles into bike racks.

Streetsblog reports that the first converted bike racks are already being prepped on Madison Avenue, where there will be four per block between 69th Street and 90th Street. More will begin to appear at areas throughout the city shortly thereafter. In the meantime, what will the new meter-mounted racks look like? Expect some fusion of the vertical pole with the new bike rack design (pictured). Here’s what similar projects in Sacramento, Toronto, Los Angeles and Baltimore look like.