Phantom of the Opera Sequel Announced

10/08/2009 12:27 PM |

Phantom of the Opera sequel coming to Broadway

At a press conference in London today, ArtsBeat reports that Andrew Lloyd Webber announced that his sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, will be opening in London in March of next year and on Broadway on November 11, 2010 at an as-yet-undisclosed theater.

Set ten years after Phantom, the new musical finds the disfigured protagonist relocated from the bowels of the Paris Opera to, get this, the fairgrounds at Coney Island. Described by the show’s website as a “rollercoaster ride of obsession and intrigue,” this is the kind of franchise-optimized sequel that Spielberg would be proud of: the 3D movie adaptation writes itself and the set design will probably include a prototype for “Phantom of Coney Island: The Ride.”

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