Re-Casting God of Carnage

10/14/2009 11:49 AM |

God of Carnage photo by Joan Marcus

Originally scheduled to close up shop on November 15, God of Carnage, the new Yasmina Reza (of Art fame) play about WASPy parents sparring after their kids get in a fight, will now be re-casting and continuing for an open-ended run. Of course, much of the play’s appeal is its absurd cast of Marcia Gay Harden, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis, and Jeff Daniels, so finding comparable replacements that will keep selling out shows night after night and week after week is no small task. ArtsBeat reports that an announcement should be coming through some time this week as to who will be in the new cast, which, at the very least, will not include Gandolfini.

Since this is a fantasy cast to begin with, what big-name subs should replace the original cast? ArtsBeat commenter Lisa makes a good pitch:

Veronica—Dianne Wiest, Frances McDormand; Alan—Donald Sutherland, John Lithgow, Ted Danson, Alec Baldwin; Annette—i like the idea of Holly Hunter. I also think Laura Linney could do a great job with this as well; Michael—Kind of stumped on this one. Tom Wilkinson, maybe? Or to follow the Gangster theme, Robert Deniro.

Aren’t DeNiro and Wilkinson a little old for this sort of thing? What about Philip Seymour Hoffman? That would give him a chance to redeem himself after the Public’s recent Othello. Anyone got other ideas?

(photo credit: Joan Marcus)