Shyne Being Deported Back to Belize

10/21/2009 1:03 PM |


The latest chapter in Shyne-Watch 09 is perhaps the saddest since the Brooklyn-based rapper was first sentenced eight years ago: rather than be released, the rapper will be deported back to his native Belize. Over on her blog, Miss Info reveals that while talking to Hot97’s Angie Martinez she learned that Shyne is definitely being deported, and now hopes that by petitioning Governor Patterson for a formal pardon, the rapper could come back to the U.S. at some time in the future.

While he awaits deportation, Shyne is urging fans and supporters to write Gov. Patterson (by electronic- or snail-mail) and plead for a pardon on his behalf. In the meantime, the MC will presumably be living pretty large in his home country, where his dad is prime minister. (HipHopDX)