(Silhouettes of) Famous Sculptures in City Hall Park

10/01/2009 9:08 AM |

Peter Coffin Sculpture Silhouette (Rodin The Thinker)

Peter Coffin, the Berkley-bred, New York based creator of mysterious sculptures and installations that often feature patterns, cycles and loops, is the latest artist to be featured in the Public Art Fund‘s outdoor exhibition series. His installation, Untitled (Sculpture Silhouettes), consists of thirteen aluminum sculptures painted black that portray the silhouettes of some of the most famous sculptures throughout classical and modern art history, including works by Michelangelo, Rodin (pictured), Picasso, Nam June Paik, Louise Bourgeois, Sol LeWitt, Vladimir Tatlin and more.

The aim of the series of monumental sculpture silhouettes is to take visitors on a journey through space and time to the most significant works in the history of sculpture. The installation in the park surrounding the fountain near City Hall (at Park Row and Broadway) opens today and stays on display through May. Click here for more info and a map of the installation.