Step Aside Segway, Honda UX-3, There’s a New Foolish Device for People Too Lazy to Walk

10/30/2009 11:51 AM |

For obvious reasons, evil companies really want to make people pay for things they already get for free, like water and walking. The latest personal locomotion device is possibly the most ridiculous of such schemes. While Segways are doomed to fail because they’re clunky and graceless, and Honda’s unicycle-looking UX-3 is much too girly, the new AirBoard is like the Mad Max of walking substitutes. Imagine a mini-hovercraft combined with wind-surfing and a dash of the hoverboards from Back to the Future II (and $14,000) and you’ve got yourself an AirBoard. (NOTCOT)

Obviously, claims that it’s strictly recreational and “has no brakes” will be resolved when the next version comes out. I guess we’d better start redesigning our cities for AirBoards.

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