Theatre 80 St. Marks Lives On!

10/28/2009 3:43 PM |

theatre 80 St. Marks

Many feared that with the departure of the Pearl Theatre Company for bigger, swankier digs at Midtown’s City Center, Theatre 80 on St. Marks near First Avenue—one of the largest and most celebrated downtown theaters—would never reopen, at least not as a performance space. Then, last spring, owner Lorcan Otway promised that the theater would continue to host performances and, harkening back to its original incarnation, movies.

Today, Playgoer posted a letter from Otway with an update on the space’s situation. Theatre 80 will continue to serve as a performance space on a temporary rental basis, and they

are installing high definition projection with a 12 by 28 foot retractable screen, set far back on the stage, so that the sight lines and image will be a great improvement from my father’s day. We will have film on occasion, though our primary focus will be live theater.

The upcoming schedule hasn’t been revealed yet, but will include musicals, dance and opera.

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  • We installed the projectors last night, the immage is wonderful… here is a little news about the return of film to Theatre 80…