Thom Yorke Played a Bunch of New Songs This Weekend, and I Sense That It’s a Big Deal

10/05/2009 1:58 PM |

I occasionally have to remind myself that I am one of approximately a dozen people in the entire world who don’t really give much of a shit about anything Thom Yorke does. This afternoon would be one of those times, as I watch the entire internet—including L Mag Editorial Assistant Lauren Beck, whose computer screen is visible from my desk— excitedly reading reports from his show in L.A. this past weekend, his first with his all-star backing band. The good people at the Daily Swarm have compiled videos of four new songs from the set, and it’s my responsibility to share them with you. Or, one of them at least, which I chose because it’s in HD, and because Flea is nowhere to be found.

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  • Lauren Beck has reminded me that she also doesn’t get the whole Radiohead thing, and assured me that she must have been looking for something else. “I never even downloaded In Rainbows,” she said, “for FREE!”

  • Thom Yorke and Radiohead are up there with Paul Auster and Charlie Kaufman as members of the tedious, anemic pseudo-genius club. Terrible.