To DIY For: Sparkly Tights

10/16/2009 2:44 PM |

after tights

Tights are pretty much the foundation of my entire fall wardrobe. When the temperature seriously dropped this week, and I began to dust off my bin o’ tights, I realized that the good majority of them were no longer wearable. My dog Bentley has a hosiery fetish that has cost me some of my most cherished pairs of tights. I’ve had this idea floating around my head for a few weeks and what better time than now, the coldest week of the season so far, to try it out. You’ve probably already seen these here, or here, or here but if you haven’t, you can see my version of the bejeweled tights here now!


—rhinestones, beads, sequins (something shiny)
—fabric glue
—small paintbrush


Before tights

As you can see from this crappy iphoto (my photographer/sister is on vacation this week) I got an assortment of BIG VALUE craft rhinestones. This is because it was the night before payday and the only place I found that would accept credit cards was a craft store—most fabric places don’t. This would look a million times better with proper rhinestones of different sizes and possibly colors. Naturally, they were out of fabric glue, but he directed me to a fabric store about a block away, on Broadway. They had the glue I was looking for, and just as the gentleman places it on the counter, I spy the “CASH ONLY” sign I feared I would find. Fuck. I apologize and tell him I don’t have any cash—so what does he do? HE LETS ME HAVE IT FOR FREE! And he told me I could come back and pay him whenever! Seriously, how amazing is that??? There are a million fabric stores on Broadway below Canal, but everyone should only ever go to NY Fabric Warehouse.

The execution is incredibly simple. The hardest part was deciding how to glue the rhinestones. I’m kind of a minimalist, so I wasn’t crazy about the explosion of jewels I’d seen on other tights. I kept it pretty simple and basic, but this is the part where you get to let your imagination go wild! You should glue the stones on while the tights are stretched out, so I glued them while I was wearing them. Don’t worry, you won’t glue them to yourself. Using your small paintbrush, dab a small amount of glue on the back of the rhinestone and place in position. Let dry for a few minutes before taking them off, and voila, a brand new fancy pair of tights. Like you really needed me to show you how to do this…