Today in Hipster Art: Woman in Bunny Suit Gives Butterfly Kisses on Subway

10/28/2009 2:59 PM |

Blizzard the Bunny

Club Animals is sort of a public performance art collective whose work fuses some very familiar video gag tropes with seedy rituals of urban life as seen through the eyes of an 8 year-old. The results are always funny, if a little irksome in the “Look at me, making light of problems that I’ve never dealt with but that may be way too real for some of the people on this subway platform right now” kind of way.

You may have seen their previous creature (this fella) who delivers the real imaginary drug Candy Crack and has been known to offer lap dances on the L train and platform. Tonight, Club Animals debuts their latest character, Blizzard the Bunny (pictured), who will be on the L platform at Union Square giving free “bouncy rides” between 8-9pm, and butterfly kisses between 9 and 10pm. If you have a low tolerance for hipster art that oozes irony, you may want to plan an alternate route this evening. (Curbed, Free Williamsburg)