World of Goo and Other Indie Games Available for $5

10/02/2009 1:07 PM |

World of Goo

Hey, it’s special guest gamer contributor Mark Rowan writing about video games! [Ed. Seriously, he could just be making all this shit up, that’s how much The Measure plays video games.]

Look, you could spend $5 on a beer, or you could spend $5 on a game and drink at home. It’s getting cold. The choice is clear.

This week the people over at Direct2Drive have been selling some amazing indie video games from the last few years for just $5—and today is your last day to get em cheap. Most of you should Some of you might [Ed.] recognize one of the recent pillars of indie gaming, the Dr. Seussian World of Goo. It’s like the Dirty Projectors of video games.

Goo, which hit Windows, Mac and even the Nintendo Wii a year ago, took home the Innovation and Technical Excellence Award at the Independent Games Festival. That’s pretty major, by the way. The game itself is like the building in Lemmings mixed with the visual and musical sensibility of a Tim Burton film.

But there are nine others also worth giving a look and at least loading up the demo before this week ends and they go back to their $10-30 price tag. Mount and Blade is the best deal of the bunch, saving you $25 bucks. If you ever wanted to be one of those little horsemen you created in Age of Empires, this is what we imagined it would be like. So yeah, it’s a bit awkward.

The indie darling of 2005, Gish, is in here too. Despite being one of the older games, the art is still a highlight. Edmund McMillen’s design has been something I’ve been a fan of for about forever (seriously, I can’t remember), so be sure to check out the work he’s done with other programmers at Newgrounds.

I’ll let you poke around at the rest of them. Direct2Drive offers a trailer for each one, but if you’re looking to try out a demo before you spend that $5, Steam has never let me down.

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