All You Need to Know About the Vibe Reboot: Chris Brown and Drake Will Share the Cover

11/06/2009 12:51 PM |

Vibe Magazine Chris Brown

Earlier this week, the new editor in chief at Vibe Magazine and Jermaine Hall told Advertising Age that the publication will make its return next month after going dormant over the summer. The new print Vibe will be a quarterly rather than a monthly, with a circulation of 300,000 rather than the 600,000 it had in June, but Hall hopes to make a splash by putting Chris Brown on the cover.

The magazine’s risky move to get attention by featuring the widely-despised Brown will be balanced by having him share cover duties with the inexplicably popular Drake (ugh!). All of this basically spells disaster for Vibe in print, which should probably give up and go online-only already. Hall all but admits as much, telling AdAge: “Whether it’s the magazine, or we decide to do some kind of TV programming down the line, everything needs to come back to” Vibe TV? Sounds like a great idea…