American Rednecks Enjoy Unfunny Israeli Satire, Are Driven to Create “Art”

11/18/2009 3:38 PM |

As is my wont, I was larking through the Free Republic message boards recently, when I came across the following clip from “satirical” Israeli outfit LatmaTV. They are making fun of how politically correct America has been in the wake of the Fort Hood shooting. Haha. Yes, of course, POLITICALLY CORRECT. Anyway, the clip is painfully unfunny, but worth watching (at the bottom of this post) in a schadenfreude/SNL kind of way. But the real gem here was actually laying in wait for me in the accompanying Freeper thread… check it out after the jump, along with my semiotic breakdown, IF YOU DARE.

Obama is a cruel god

So, let’s do a quick breakdown of what we’re seeing here:
—First, we have a stern-faced Lord Obama, who is maybe an angel with a hallow but is maybe also a voodoo zombie with white eyes, or possibly one of those malevolent Sith dudes from Star Wars, a movie which he loves; so yeah, that’s probably it.
—Then we have a couple of classic arugula-eating, spineless, pussy Dumbocrats wearing full body armor while enjoying their Second Amendment rights; possibly it is cold in that church mosque because they are wearing scarve thingies up to their Oakley wraps. One of them is no doubt Reggie Love.
—The next layer of wonder involves the crowd from a 1999 Pearl Jam concert, which, awesome, they are having an awesome time and it totally shows, especially the guy in the middle, who I am pretty sure is the Campbell Scott character from Singles. Like, definitely I’m sure.
—On the shoulders of the crowd—known in common parlance as “The Pit”—two small, black figures are trying to crowd surf, but they are so wasted they think they are at a keg party, and are trying to drink from the invisible kegs. They won’t remember this awesome time, but they will know in their hearts that it was awesome.
—BISECTION LINE! Wow, this is intense. Apparently all of these fringey weirdos voted for Obama; and they are in fact extras in a new John Singleton joint about a group of Sufi personal trainers and the madcap antics they get up to at their new Sufi gym. WHERE THE WHITE LADIES AT, will be the movie’s tag line.
—The bottom half of this creation is obviously a still from the upcoming Harold and Kumar movie, so instead of spoiling that for you I will just say one thing: full frontal Seth Green.

Oh yeah, here is the UPROARIOUSLY FUNNY satirical sketch from the aforementioned hilarious Israelis.