Artist Plans Bird Nest-Like Home Atop Brooklyn Building

11/05/2009 4:15 PM |

Mary Mattinglys Air Ship Air City

Mary Mattingly, the photographer, performance and installation artist, environmental activist and planner of alternative micro-communities like this summer’s artists’ commune on a barge the Waterpod recently unveiled her latest project: a self-sustaining residence that looks and functions something like a bird nest atop the Metropolitan Exchange Bank at 33 Flatbush Ave in Downtown Brooklyn. Though still in the very early planning stages, if approved, Air Ship Air City (pictured) would feature a chicken coop, event space and artist residence.

In an interview with The Brooklyn Paper about the project, Mattingly explained that the living space could eventually be completely off the grid, generating energy from solar panels and wind turbines, collecting compost and turning waste into fuel. Though Mattingly’s proposal still has to gain approval from the building’s owner (who sounds very supportive in the BP article) and pertinent municipal agencies, if the project gets the go-ahead some lucky artist could be moving into the Brooklyn bird nest as soon as June 2010. (Curbed)