Artist Stages Pop Up Lunches on Improvised Sidewalk Furniture

11/16/2009 11:03 AM |

Pop Up Lunch on mailbox

The anonymous furniture designer and urban inventor behind the blog project Pop Up Lunch is trying to re-define how we use city streets and sidewalks, especially when lunchtime rolls around. The gist of the project is to use existing features of the streetscape like fire hydrants, mailboxes (pictured), traffic poles and fences as staging areas for eating surfaces. Because goodness knows, juggling a drink, napkins and food when there’s nary a bench or table in sight is damn near impossible.

S/he has organized several pop-up lunches, where inventive urban eaters can meet and test out new street surfaces. The last one took place in Soho about two weeks ago. Keep checking the Pop Up Lunch site for news of the next get-together and upcoming prototypes (like the lunch bag hammock). (BoingBoing)