Awful New Timbaland Video Recaps Biggest Memes of 2009: Autotune + Michael Jackson + Vampires

11/23/2009 1:11 PM |

Timbaland video

Originally slated to be one of the Super Monday releases, Timbaland’s Shock Value II is now coming out on December 8. The video for the first single “Morning After Dark” featuring SoShy (who, I guess, is a female vocalist?) premiered today, and it’s the most blatantly crowd-sourced thing you’re likely to see in this mad dash to the recording industry’s holiday blow-out.

It’s like the producers looked at Google’s top three searches from the last eleven months and turned them into a music video: Timbo’s voice is Autotuned into an unbearable squeak while he stalks an exchange student being followed by vampires in a completely underwhelming rip-off of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. Check it out after the jump.

Also, though ostensibly set in Italy, the only foreign language spoken in the video is French. Timbo seems to be comfortably descending into a realm of perpetual self-parody, which won’t make much difference to his solo career, but could spell disaster for the A-list pop artists who need his awesomely spacey beats to survive.