Beanie Sigel to Jay-Z: “Hey, Hey!!! Look at Me!!! Jay! Over Here! Jaaaaaay!”

11/04/2009 2:06 PM |


Last week we saw the release of a Jay-Z diss track by Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel. It started out kinda ok, then actually got kinda good, then totally fell apart into a 3-minute long whining session about how the two used to be friends, and about how Sigel wants to go on family vacations with Jay and Beyonce or whatever. Now it’s been almost a full week since the track was released, and Beanie’s wondering why Jay hasn’t responded. He appeared on Philly’s Power 99 radio station, during an interview with 50 Cent, and MTV News has an account of what went down.

“He is a crumb. I’m gonna put my foot on his neck until he responds,” Beans said as the segment came to a wrap. Beans added that he’s ready for a lyrical tangle with his once-close clique member and that he would relish a retort from Jiggaman for the “What You Talkin About (Average Cat)” song.

“Please make a record,” Beans yelled on-air. “A week’s been out, dog. I’m not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. He ain’t no walk in the park as an artist. All I’m saying is I don’t gotta jog to keep up to him.”

On one hand, obviously I’d like to see Jay-Z respond with a rhyme of his own. It’s part of the tradition of hip-hop, after all, and it’s certainly a lot of fun for us, the listeners. But there’s also a lesson to be learned here, about how keeping quiet can be just as effective in achieving your goal (making the other person look really, really fucking stupid) as fighting back.