Biking Rules! PSA Competition Winner Reveals Bikes Powered by Neon Farts

11/23/2009 10:52 AM |

Biking Rules! fart PSA

Last week the winners of the Biking Rules! PSA Competition were screened to a sold-out audience at BAM, with four winners in the “Street Code” section (about riding safely) and three winners in the “Why Biking Rules” category. The winner in the latter category is a kind of retro after school special about the benefits of bicycling, but the biggest prize ($2,000) went to Aldo Arias and Pam Tietze for a pretty stop-motion spot in which a hip cyclist uses a bike light while riding down a bike lane in the correct direction, and looks cool doing so. But, if you squint a little, it kinda looks like the bursts of light glowing behind him as he glides down the street aren’t coming from his bike light. You’ll see what I mean, after the jump. (Streetsblog)